About the Artist

Anthony Camilleri, (b. 1985) – known as ‘Pennellu’ amongst his artistic peers – lives in Nadur, one of the beautiful villages of Gozo. A fine, young artist, Anthony has experimented in creating modern abstract and landscape paintings. His choice of medium – using acrylic oil paints – depends on the theme. The works of Anthony Camilleri are inspired by various factors such as emotions, nature and his perception of life. The modern and abstract paintings show a great deal of creativity, usually based upon the feelings and imagination of the artist. On the other hand, landscapes are inspired by the theme of nature. With the use of the palette knife, Anthony is able to reveal these exceptional pieces of work, thus exposing innate talent.

Apart from painting, Anthony also carries out pyrography, which is the art of shading wood and other materials with burn marks, done in a delicate manner and with great skill.

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